Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Great Idea Baby

I have this horrible habit of having great ideas and then doing nothing with them. Or I’ll be really dedicated to whatever the great idea of the moment is for a total of 15 minutes before my motivation fizzles out. When I do dedicate enough time to my ideas I work hard to build a wonderful foundation before abandoning the project all together. This is evident in the books I’ve never finished, the jobs I never completed, and the holes in my self-worth that have left me unfulfilled.

So when I thought of Sarah Poppins my initial thought was to NOT TELL ANYONE. Because, second to my horrible great idea habit is my habit of getting really excited about my great ideas and telling everyone. This sucks because most people try and engage in conversation via previously discussed topics. And there is nothing worse than answering “How’s your book coming along?” with “great, thanks, it’s buried in the non-working laptop under my bed.” And no, I never really say that but I’m always, always thinking it. And then I always, always kick myself for having such great ideas and then doing nothing with them.

So when Sarah Poppins popped into my head I decided this time it was going to be different. This was my goldmine, my jackpot, my way up! I thought of Sarah Poppins while complaining about life to my wonderfully understanding boyfriend. We were chatting via Google video chat because I like to use new technology and I think it’s fun to see my/his face as we talk (because then I can see all my awesome expressions!). He thinks it’s creepy. The conversation went something like this:

Me: “I’m so depressed, I hate my job, I hate my life, blah blah blah.”

Justin: “Well then why don’t you get a new one?”

Me: “Because I’m worthless and I don’t want to do anything else because I really do like my job and I suck at everything, blah blah blah.”

Justin: “So why don’t you find something similar to what you like? What about working for a tutoring company?”

Me: while scrunching my face to see how wrinkly it looks on the screen “Why would I work for a tutoring company when I could just start my own? I know enough people.”

Ping! (or ding! Or zing!! Just insert your own idea noise here)

The light bulb went off. I wouldn’t just be any ordinary tutor. I’d be an extraordinary tutor. And I wouldn’t just tutor about anything, I’d tutor about New York City! I’d explore the city with countless kids, just as I had done for two previous years. I could build a children’s tour guide company. I’d call it Sarah Poppins and I’d become an explordinaire!

I was obviously super excited to have such a good idea. Especially when I started to do some research and realized there is nothing like my idea out there. There’s nothing greater than coming up with an original great idea.

But, like I said, I’m very good at coming up with ideas. Harping from my days on the basketball court (in the eighth grade)—it’s the follow-through that gives me the most trouble.

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  1. The only good things that comes out of my own video chats with J are new and exciting ways to say "soups".